Ten Successful Shark Tank Alumni Share Lessons Learned

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While most entrepreneurs will never end up on the reality show Shark Tank, there are interesting lessons to be learned from those who have. From intellectual property protection to accepting feedback to envisioning your outcome to maintaining confidence to believing your gut, this piece on Medium shares important takeaways from ten women who pitched to the “sharks”.

Apply For the Female Founder Fellowship

Since launching in 2009, the Founder Institute’s Female Founder Fellowship program has graduated over 575 female-led businsses across six continents. The fellowship program’s goal is to narrow the gender gap in high-tech startups.

If you are a woman who is working to build an enduring tech or tech-enabled company, you are eligible to apply. (This includes aspiring entrepreneurs currently working full-time, solo entrepreneurs, teams, and entrepreneurs in established companies that are pre-funding.) Click here for more information about the program.

Minority Women Entrepreneurs Are Thriving Despite Funding Challenges

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Image credit: Sebastien Thibault

This April 9, 2019 article in Entrepreneur discusses the explosive growth of female minority owned businesses but also highlights how funding options are less available to these founders.  The piece also shares examples of how these women are using pitch competitions as alternative funding sources.