Building a Paper Empire In A Digital Age


In this piece in Inc., Cloth & Paper’s founder, Ashley Reynolds explains how she used social commerce to grow her stationery business during the pandemic. The company leverages social media platforms to share instructional videos that show viewers how best to use their journals and planners. While they predominantly sell products on Shopify, they have seen a growing trend of customers now buying directly from Instagram and Facebook. Click the link above to read more!

85 Platforms Where You Can Boost Your Startup’s SEO

hand pointing to digital marketing metrics on a laptop

Phoebe Yao is the Founder and CEO of Pareto. She realized that while talent is equally distributed around the world, access to economic opportunity is not. She also realized that while there are many online freelance marketplaces, securing virtual work is not easy. The goal of her company, Pareto, is to build a set of scalable communication guidelines for the future of work.

One free resource that Pareto made available is this compilation of 85 active platforms where you can showcase your venture or side project. This marketing resource contains brief summaries, traffic levels, and submission complexity for each platform.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips To Help Your Small Business

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This article from Forbes outlines some important tips for making the most of social media when you are running a small business. The options in the world of social media are endless but your time is not – so having a plan will enable you to make the biggest impact you can given your resources.

Another good set of tips can be found here on QuickSprout’s site. They also have other links for information about setting up websites, blogs and online stores.