Advice for Black Women Entrepreneurs

This article from Entrepreneur highlights the unique challenges faced by Black women entrepreneurs and offers three key strategies for success. It emphasizes the importance of bringing one’s own perspective and authenticity to drive change, advocating for diversity and oneself, and staying informed and committed to making a difference in underrepresented communities. The article underscores the significance of resilience, a clear vision, and unwavering commitment in achieving success and positively impacting the world as a Black woman entrepreneur.

What You Need To Know if You Use Venmo or Paypal for Business Payments

Lawmakers are debating changes to tax reporting for business transactions on payment apps like Venmo and PayPal, as well as e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 lowered the threshold for Form 1099-K, which reports third-party business payments. Previously, individuals received this form if they had over 200 transactions totaling more than $20,000. Now, the threshold is just $600, causing concern that many taxpayers might mistakenly receive a 1099-K, even for small, one-time sales. Bipartisan efforts are underway to raise the reporting threshold back to 2022 levels, with some proposals suggesting an increase to $10,000. If you are a small business that receives revenue via these payment apps, it’s essential for to stay organized and be prepared for tax reporting. Read more about the issue in this article posted on CNBC.

Navigating the World of Tipping

In this article from Nerd Wallet, the author explores the new challenges faced by small businesses as they shift from traditional tip jars to digital tipping screens for in-person purchases. Specifically, the article discusses the importance of finding the right balance with preset tipping options so that tipping can be encouraged without upsetting customers. The article also mentions that these screens have led to increased tips, and using a point-of-sale system to track tipping data can provide valuable insights for business management.

Beating Big Businesses For Top Talent When You Are A Small Business

Small businesses and startups struggle to attract top talent due to competition and a lack of qualified applicants. According to this article in Entrepreneur, to address this, they can focus on flexibility in work arrangements, foster a sense of community, create accurate job descriptions, nurture a strong company culture, offer comprehensive benefits, consider remote workers, and emphasize agility and uniqueness. A well-designed recruitment strategy helps small businesses stand out from big corporations and compete effectively in the job market.

Barbie’s Lessons on Resilience and Leadership

This article in Fast Company looks at the summer blockbuster “Barbie” movie and explores some of the film’s  inspirational messages of resilience and strength. Specifically, it lists the importance of never giving up, knowing that any goal is possible, dreaming big and embracing that you are enough. Check out the article to read more about how those themes are woven through the movie!