Quantity Breeds Quality

asian woman working on shaping a bowl on a pottery wheel

This article from Inc. highlights the concept of the 70-20-10 rule. The meaning behind this rule is that with whatever you are working to produce – be it something artistic or a product or a service – 70 percent of your attempts will be mediocre, 20 percent will be poor, and 10 percent will be amazing. The key takeaway is that the only way to get better at something isn’t to sit and stare at the blank piece of paper waiting for the perfect idea or to try to research every last thing before starting, but rather to roll up your sleeves and do it! The more you try, the more results you will end up having in that 10% amazing bucket!

Women in eCommerce Supporting Each Other

Woman's thumb scrolling on an iphone while looking at a screen that mentions eCommerce.

Women represent 32% of the eCommerce sellers online. While that is a much higher percentage that the number of women that are found in C-suite jobs, it still places women in the minority. This article in Entrepreneur encourages women in eCommerce to seek each other out for mentoring and support. The article states, “By building your community¬†around other women, you can unlock the hidden power of wealth through shared strategies, tools and hidden secrets.”

7 Women Scientists Who Changed Science Forever

woman in protective gear looking into a microscope

This Newsweek piece that was released for International Women’s Day highlights seven women who have defied the odds within STEM fields (only around 30 percent of STEM researchers globally are women). The article features some well known women and some women that you might not have heard of yet.

  • Rachel Carson – author of Silent Spring and launcher of environmental movement
  • Tu Youyou – Nobel prize winner for her work in anti-malarial medicine
  • Kizzmekia Corbett – co-developer of the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine
  • Barbara McClintock – Nobel Prize winner for her work in better understanding how genetic elements can move on chromosomes
  • Susan Band Horwitz – co-developer of the drug Taxol which helps treat breast, ovarian and lung cancer
  • Sally Ride – astronaut and physicist – also the first American female and youngest American to travel to space
  • Isabella Akyinbah Quakyi – immunologist who focuses in tropical medicine

Navigating Three Major Challenges in Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Karima J. Mariama-Arthur

In this piece in Entrepreneur from December 2016, founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport, Karima J. Mariama-Arthur (who is also an eCornell program facilitator!) shared three challenges of entrepreneurship. While the article is a few years old, her words still ring true to entrepreneurs today. Mariama-Arthur states that fear, distractions and work ethic are the three biggest hurdles. If anything, those hurdles are even more present during the past year of navigating COVID!