Applying for a Small Business Loan

This post from CNN Underscored is a helpful piece that discusses the steps small business owners can take to secure funding through loans. It highlights the importance of determining the type of loan that best suits the business’s needs, considering factors such as the required amount, purpose of funds, and the business’s size. The article suggests comparing lenders, including traditional banks, online lenders, and microlenders, based on factors like interest rates, fees, loan terms, and funding speed. It also emphasizes the importance of gathering necessary documents, submitting a comprehensive loan application, and reviewing the loan agreement before finalizing the funding process. It is a grate reference piece if you are looking to use loans as a source of capital to grow your business.

Embracing Your Scrappy Side

A recent article in TechCrunch discussed the challenges faced by female founders in the startup journey, emphasizing the need for a different approach to fundraising. The author, Andrea Sommer, shares her experience co-founding Hive Founders, a global network and accelerator for women entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and well-roundedness for women seeking investment. She also addresses the unique challenges women face in fundraising, such as different behavioral patterns from investors, and emphasizes the importance of building genuine relationships with investors. Sommer advocates for female founders to embrace their scrappy side, be disciplined with resources, and seek guidance from other women who have successfully navigated the fundraising process.

5 Credit Pitfalls to Avoid as a Small Business

In this article in Entrepreneur, five common pitfalls that small businesses should avoid when establishing business credit are highlighted. These include not regularly monitoring business credit scores, using outdated or inaccurate business information, paying business expenses with personal accounts, choosing the wrong business structure, and using vendors that don’t report trade credit. By addressing these issues, small businesses can build a strong credit foundation essential for accessing funding, fostering growth, and building partnerships.

Women Are Biggest Contributors to Rise in New Businesses Between 2019 and 2023

The pandemic saw a remarkable increase in women-led entrepreneurship, with half of the new businesses formed during this time started by women, a substantial rise from 29% in 2019. Dissatisfaction with traditional workplaces and a desire for more flexibility led women to create small businesses and side hustles. Harvard Professor Claudia Goldin’s research suggests that women sought entrepreneurship due to the clash between demanding jobs and family responsibilities, pushing them to seek more control over their work-life balance. The upheaval caused by the pandemic accelerated this trend, prompting women, especially those handling more domestic duties, to explore entrepreneurship. To read more about this trend and its ripple effects, see this article from

Women Business Owners Are More Focused on Driving Good Employee Experiences

The HerMoney Media and Principal Financial Group’s 2023 State of Women survey of small and midsized business owners revealed significant differences between men and women in their economic outlook, financial confidence, and attitudes towards risk.

Women business owners express more caution about the U.S. economy but are optimistic about their personal financial situations compared to men. In addition, female business owners prioritize employee outcomes, emphasizing a positive work environment, mental health, and opportunities for advancement. They are less likely than men to offer financial wellness programs, often due to the belief that their businesses are too small to justify such programs.