The Isolation Journals

The Isolation Journals is a site that was founded by Suleika Jaouad on the idea that life’s interruptions are invitations to deepen our creative practice. The Isolation Journals sends out free weekly journaling prompts. If you sign up, you will receive one in your inbox every Sunday. The website also contains journal entries from the community and provides the option to submit your work (you can even submit anonymously). Learn more and sign up for a weekly prompt here.

“The Giving Tree” Gets a Refresh

Shel Silverstein’s classic parenting allegory, The Giving Tree, is a story where the tree (referenced as she/her) gives up every piece of herself to help a young boy.

The story was always a bit disturbing – as if the badge of parenting – and more specifically, motherhood, was to give away all of oneself until one had nothing left. We recently came across this re-write that was imagined by playwright and screenwriter Topher Payne. Payne re-titled it “The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries” and you can read the newly edited version here.

Our favorite part is that the tree “took courses online and got her certification in small business management”….and went on to operate a profitable bakery (selling apple pies!) with the boy.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving – with healthy boundaries and successful business operations!

Are You Creative?

bulb with a pink-purple flame inside it

A recent piece in Fast Company mentioned that researchers from McGill University, Harvard University, and the University of Melbourne are collaborating on research to try to find a way to measure human creativity. Specifically, they are targeting one specific type of creativity – divergent thinking. This type of thinking enables individuals to generate a diverse number solutions to an open-ended problem (which is exactly what entrepreneurs are called to do every day).

Interested in taking the 4-minute test? Click here!