Best States for Women-Owned Businesses

A report issued by Merchant Maverick looked at the top ten states in the US for women-owned businesses. The top of the list included Colorado (ranking at the to of the list for the third year in a row), Texas, Florida, Washington, California, Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, Wyoming, and Illinois. To evaluate the best states for women-led startups, Merchant Maverick considered items like total venture capital in the past five years invested in women-led startups, percent of employer firms led by women, percent of employees at women-led firms, percent of women self-employed in their own business, and the average income of women self-employed in their own business. To read more about the findings, click here.

Is Your Website Accessible To All?

According to this recent article in Inc., while most small business have websites, many small business owners don’t realize that business websites need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. With a rise in lawsuits against companies for failure to comply, it is in every small business owner’s best interest to understand the rules. Read the article to learn more!