Protecting Your Intellectual Property – A Look At Copyrights

In this brief segment on (America’s Small Business Network), intellectual Property Attorney, Ana Juneja shares that small businesses, especially those producing digital content, artworks, and photographs, need to utilize copyright laws to safeguard their creations, particularly in the digital and e-commerce spaces.

Recent legal adjustments, including simplification of the copyright process and removal of the mandatory use of the copyright symbol (©), indicate a shift towards making it easier for small businesses to claim protection, ensuring legal advantage and potential financial compensation in case of infringement, while also discussing the significance of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in protecting online and digital content. See this link to learn more.

Avoiding Common Tax Mistakes

This article from CNET discusses common mistakes that attract IRS scrutiny and offers tips to avoid them, such as completing your return accurately and reporting income correctly, as failing to do so can lead to audits or delays. It also emphasizes the importance of meticulous record-keeping, especially for self-employed individuals claiming deductions, and being cautious with charitable deductions to avoid raising red flags with the IRS.

Importance of Mentoring In Moving Side Hustle to Main Hustle

Photo from Fast Company

Haunted by the stark statistic that women-owned businesses receive less than 2% of venture capital funding, Emma Grede, CEO of Good American, is taking action through her TV show, Side Hustlers. Co-hosted by Ashley Graham, the reality series sheds light on the transformative impact of mentorship, illustrating how the guidance and connections provided by Grede and Graham are essential in empowering female entrepreneurs to navigate challenges and elevate their side hustles into flourishing ventures. Read more about this topic in their interview in Fast Company.

7 Essential Documents You Need For Funding

Funding is one of the biggest hurdles for small business owners. Financial planner Jovan Johnson highlights the importance of being financially prepared. In this piece in Business Insider, he recommends seven essential documents for small business owners, including a business credit report, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, bank statements, income tax returns, insurance documents, and financial forecasts, to enhance their chances of securing funding through avenues like credit cards, grants, or loans. Check out the post for more details!