We All Need Help – The Importance of Finding A Mentor

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Michele Sileo, Managing Director at Eleven, has some important thoughts on the importance of mentorship. She states, “There is significant pressure on women to work smarter, harder, and more dutifully than men, and that pressure often leads to a hesitation to ask for help.” That said, she goes on to share that, “asking for help is part of growth…and it’s one of the most important lessons one can learn from mentorship.” Learn more about her take on asking for help and becoming a mentor in this Fast Company article.

Accelerating Your Success As A Female Founder

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This recent piece in Entrepreneur entitled “How to Accelerate Your Success as a Female Founder” shares that there are basically two steps to starting a business: doing something to get the ball rolling, and then saying, “I’m doing this.” The article states that many female entrepreneurs struggle with the second part and provides ideas on how to get unstuck and feel more comfortable with self promotion.

Cohort of Charlotte-based Latina Entrepreneurs Complete Certificate Program

Sil Ganzo - Charlotte, NC entrepreneur

This is a link to a wonderful 3-minute radio spot put together by WFAE. The piece aired as a local segment in Charlotte, NC during NPR’s “All Things Considered” broadcast. It shares some of Latina entrepreneur, Sil Ganzó’s, thoughts about how the Women’s Entrepreneurship certificate program impacted her personally and professionally.

We are so proud of that first Charlotte-based cohort to complete the program and are excited to see the second cohort underway!

Anne Finucane to Retire

Headshot of Anne Finucane

Bank of America recently announced that Anne Finucane, Vice Chairman and member of the company’s executive management team will retire at the end of 2021.  Finucane is the first woman vice chairman of Bank of America and the first woman chairman of the board of Bank of America Europe, the company’s European banking subsidiary based in Ireland. In addition, she directed the development of Bank of America’s ESG and sustainable finance work, where she has mobilized the organization’s scale, global reach, talent and financial capabilities to address some of society’s biggest challenges.  She was instrumental in the launch of the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell which is now working to support 50,000 women entrepreneurs.  We are so appreciative for her advocacy and support and wish her well in her next chapter!

Interview with Yael Vizel on the $200MM sale of Zeekit

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Yael Vizel is the founder of the startup, Zeekit, which uses artificial intelligence to enable customers to try on clothes via a virtual platform. Vizel is also one of the only Israeli women to seal a nine-figure exit deal with an acquirer (in this case Walmart). This article shares a fascinating interview with her as she discusses the deal and also the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

Link to webinar-Workshop Your Network: Cultivating Mentors, Peers, and Mentees in Business

Screenshot of Michelle Talbert from webinar

During this highly interactive workshop, Michelle Y. Talbert, ‘00 Human Ecology (and graduate of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate Program) guides listeners in setting personal intention, identifying the pressing needs in one’s business, and creating a strategy to connect with the right people. To access a recording of this webinar, click here.

Leadership Lessons From Women Who Competed in Tokyo Olympics

Olympic ring statue

This Fast Company article shared eight leadership lessons from the first gender balanced Olympic games to ever take place. In addition to the highly publicized lesson that Simone Biles demonstrated regarding mental health and self-care, female competitors from around the world also had their own lessons to share.

Items shared in the piece include shattering the concept that athletes have a limited age range (this year the youngest female Olympian was 12 and the oldest was 66) as well as the importance in speaking up and advocating for equal sponsorship support for women (specifically how decorated track star Allyson Felix took on Nike over their sponsorship and pay policies for pregnant athletes). Also mentioned were the Norwegian beach handball and German gymnastics teams who pushed back against female athlete uniform guidelines which seemed to put sexualization of athlete bodies ahead of function.

COVID’s Impact on Women’s Finances

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Sallie Krawcheck, one of the highest-ranking women on Wall Street from positions at Bank of America and Citigroup, is the CEO of Ellevest, a digital financial company for women that she co-founded in 2014. In this interview with NPR’s “Marketplace” host Kai Ryssdal, she shared thoughts on what the COVID pandemic has specifically meant for women’s personal finances.

According to Krawcheck, “if pay is what you bring in, wealth is what you have and keep.” Prior to COVID, women’s wealth was approximately 32 cents to a white man’s dollar – and only one penny if only considering Black women. In this discussion, Krawcheck mentions how this has only become more severe during the pandemic and also shares strategies to close the gender wealth gap.

Are You Creative?

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A recent piece in Fast Company mentioned that researchers from McGill University, Harvard University, and the University of Melbourne are collaborating on research to try to find a way to measure human creativity. Specifically, they are targeting one specific type of creativity – divergent thinking. This type of thinking enables individuals to generate a diverse number solutions to an open-ended problem (which is exactly what entrepreneurs are called to do every day).

Interested in taking the 4-minute test? Click here!