#Girl Boss?

Woman in grey suit and white shirt holding sign that says "I am your boss"
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Annie Liao Jones of Rock Candy Media discusses her desire to change perceptions about a woman being a “female boss” to simply being “a boss” in this July 2, 2019 Fast Company article entitled “I’m Not Your Girl Boss. I’m Your Boss.”

On the flipside, in 2017, British tennis player Andy Murray corrected a journalist after being asked about opponent Sam Querrey ‘becoming the first American to reach a grand slam semi-final since 2009’, by pointing out female American players have achieved the feat more recently.

The key takeaway is that adding a gender descriptor should never demean, degrade or reduce a title!

Setbacks Don’t Have To Set You Back

Hammer on wood plank with bent nails

Failure is all part of the entrepreneurial process. But how do we move forward after we stumble? This NPR TED Radio Hour podcast on “Setbacks” includes comments from entrepreneur Leticia Gasca who was a co-founder of the movement “F***up Nights” which provided a place for entrepreneurs to stand on stage, share stories of failure and find a community that understood the process.

Women Entrepreneurs Helping Each Other

Five hands coming together in fist bump
Photo by rawpixel.com 

This April 22, 2019 article in Fast Company highlights how women entrepreneurs are creating their own networks of women. In addition to opening doors for each other, women are providing needed support during those early days of launching a company. The article shares that, “finding a group of women founders who talk candidly about their experiences can also help silence one’s inner critic.”

Minority Women Entrepreneurs Are Thriving Despite Funding Challenges

Cartoon image of minority woman standing on a stack of currency
Image credit: Sebastien Thibault

This April 9, 2019 article in Entrepreneur discusses the explosive growth of female minority owned businesses but also highlights how funding options are less available to these founders.  The piece also shares examples of how these women are using pitch competitions as alternative funding sources.   

Young Women Shouldn’t Let Fear Prevent Them From Starting Businesses

Disparity in the number of young male and female entrepreneurs can often boil down to lack of confidence.    

This March 27, 2019 piece in Forbes has advice from young women entrepreneurs including the comment, “Your confidence will grow as your success does, so don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your skills –  this is what will really grow your business and your confidence.”