#Girl Boss?

Woman in grey suit and white shirt holding sign that says "I am your boss"
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Annie Liao Jones of Rock Candy Media discusses her desire to change perceptions about a woman being a “female boss” to simply being “a boss” in this July 2, 2019 Fast Company article entitled “I’m Not Your Girl Boss. I’m Your Boss.”

On the flipside, in 2017, British tennis player Andy Murray corrected a journalist after being asked about opponent Sam Querrey ‘becoming the first American to reach a grand slam semi-final since 2009’, by pointing out female American players have achieved the feat more recently.

The key takeaway is that adding a gender descriptor should never demean, degrade or reduce a title!

5 Negotiating Tips That Girls Should Learn

Women's arms - shaking hands
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Many women share that negotiating – especially for themselves – can be challenging. Perhaps it is because many women are brought up with expectations to “be nice” and negotiation feels like a violation of that “be nice” rule. Or perhaps it is because women are less likely to be taught what successful negotiation looks like. Either way, this June 20, 2019 piece in Mashable highlights five tips we should be teaching girls. The pointers are definitely useful for adults as well!

20 Women Who Represent The Future of Entrepreneurship in Food

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Food-related businesses are one of the highest growth areas within women-owned businesses. The James Beard Foundation just named 20 fellows (maybe we should call them “ladies” instead of “fellows”?) to their 2019 Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. This diverse group of women will gather for five days in October 2019 to learn new skills to grow their careers and scale their businesses. Past fellows have expanded from a single restaurant to restaurant groups, signed national product distribution deals, and launched whole new companies. The power of education and networking is real!

Setbacks Don’t Have To Set You Back

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Failure is all part of the entrepreneurial process. But how do we move forward after we stumble? This NPR TED Radio Hour podcast on “Setbacks” includes comments from entrepreneur Leticia Gasca who was a co-founder of the movement “F***up Nights” which provided a place for entrepreneurs to stand on stage, share stories of failure and find a community that understood the process.